Monday, January 8, 2007

Romantic Pair of Shahid- Amrita in Vivah

This is not the first film of Shahid and Amrita. This couple also did another movie ‘Ishq Vishq,’ which was their first movie. The audience has accepted their pair in that movie .They look really good on screen, but in ‘Vivah’ they looked so nice that it seems they are made for each other. Their acting, every expression of their love on screen is very nice. Shahid has acted with Kareena; his real life girlfriend, but on screen Shahid- Amrita pair have been accepted by audience. Amrita said it is really good that audience liked them on screen. She also said that they look good on camera, but in Amrita’s opinion, Kareena and Shahid also look on screen.

In Bollywood history, we can find lots of hit pairs; they are remarkable for their good works as a successful pair. The audience likes to watch very much on screen. Thus, Amrita –Shahid pair is also very popular. They have acted in more than two films. Their films might be not hit, but audience always likes them on screen. So all movies of Shahid and Amrita, we can say that Shahid-Amrita pair is much accepted on screen.