Monday, January 8, 2007

Shahid Kapoor in Vivah

Shahid Kapoor has played the role of Prem in Vivah. Prem is a city boy. In his introduction, we identify him as a simple person, who is not very arrogant. His role is a simple lover. The story of Vivah is the journey of two people from engagement to marriage; a person who agrees to marry an unknown girl. In modern age, new generation prefers love marriage, and lead a modern life, but Prem (Shahid) has accepted his family offer. As a simple person he also has accepted Punam as his life partner. Shahid, who has played Prem, has expressed his love, respect and sympathy for his fiancée. A role who really love his beloved; he has showed it perfectly by his role (Prem). Shahid played different role but in this movie his role was very simple and Shahid has showed that very well.