Sunday, January 7, 2007

Guru will Be My Best Film- Says Abhishek

Abhishek Bachchan’s next film “Guru” will be the best film in his career. No, this is not my opinion; rather it is Abhishek himself who reckoned it. I think, there is a huge possibility of being himself proved. After the debutant film Refugee, Abhishek acted in a series of flop movies and was going to be lost from the industry untill Yuva, directed by the same director of Guru, Moni Ratnam, was released. Bollywood, for the first time experienced a different acting identity in Abhishek, and to many, that was the turning point for Abhishek’s acting career. So, coupled with Mani Ratnam again, Abhishek can have some extra anticipation regarding this movie. I have gone through a Daily India report. I am quoting some lines from that report:

Mani Ratnam always inspires you not only by his work but also the kind of work he takes out of you. I was not confident when he offered me Lallan Singh's role in 'Yuva' but I will always respect Mani for having confidence in me - which I didn't have in myself at that time,' Abhishek said at a press conference here Sunday.

Asked which film he rated as his best, Abhishek said none of them could fit the bill.

'I hope Guru does that. It was challenging to play the journey of a man which starts at age 15 and goes on till 70,' he remarked.

Regarding Abhishek, Mani said:

You don't make an actor. An actor is there ... you just have to give him the opportunity and chance to show his skill. He always has the capability. 'Guru' is a huge role and it is a huge responsibility as well and Abhishek is okay in the film.'

It is true that Abhishek got a huge popularity after the movie Yuva released. However, this is a new movie and spectators will consider it as a new one. So, it is yet to see whether Guru can be another success story for both ABishek Bachchan and Moni Ratnam.