Sunday, January 7, 2007

Arjan Bajw to be Appeared in His Debutant Movie Guru

Arjan Bajw, a new comer in Bollywood, is going to be appeared in his debutant movie, Guru, directed by famous South Indian director Mani Ratnam. He is very much excited with his first assignment and optimistic that it will make a boom in his career. It is also true that he played the role of the villain of this movie and there is a rumor that he clearly played a real life personality named Nusli Wadia which he rejected. I am quoting some of the lines from his speech stated in a DNA India report:

I have also been hearing these rumours. Honestly, it’s not a biopic that’s been made. I wouldn’t deny that it draws some inspiration from reality. I play a flashy Parsi industrialist, whose forefathers have been in the textile industry. The film is set in the time when there was a near-textile war. It’s quite natural that people are relating my character to Nusli Wadia and Abhishek’s to Dhirubhai Ambani.

Regrding his villainous role in the movie he said:

On the contrary, to play a negative in Mani sir’s film is a fabulous start. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Today there is no negative or positive role. It is only a character. It’s a character that I’ve played. Only a genius like Mani sir prepares completely for his actors. All we have to do is to set ourselves loose.

Regarding his experience of acting in the movie and working with high profile director Mani Ratnam he said:

I feel fortunate to start my career with Mani sir one of the most reputed directors today. I would consider myself fortunate even if it was just a passing shot in the film. There is lot I have learnt about cinema all thanks to him.

It seems that this debutant actor is very happy with his work in the movie Guru. Now, it is yet to be seen whether his happiness remains constant after releasing the movie.