Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Box Office Position on 10 January 2006: Old Movies Dominating

The first week of January has passed and it is time to asses the box office of Bollywood. According to the top 5 movies are:

Movie No. 1 :Bhagam Bhag - Doing reasonably well!

Movie No. 2 : Kabul Express - Doing well in multiplexes, dropped in small centers.

Movie No. 3 : Dhoom 2 - Steady strong collections!

Movie No. 4 : I See You - Shockingly poor opening!

Movie No. 5 : Vivah - Box office victory continues.

Dhoom 2 is still strong in the box office and Vivah is doing reasonably well too. I guess next week some things would change. This month, we have Guru and then Guru may out number all of these movies.

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