Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sambhavna Seth: Should She go For Sex Appeal or Acting Talent

Sambhavna Seth has been already branded as The new Bollywood sex icon and Bollywood's latest sex bomb! She has also said very frankly that she is ready to drop her cloth as much as needed. Sambhavna Seth is bold and sexy and she is determined to make her position in Bollywood with or without any dress in her body. I have to admit that I admire her frankness. She is not afraid to speak freely about her needs and dreams. Her role model is Mallika Sherawat.

Image Link: Sambhavna Seth wrote:

Sambhavna is not averse to exposing and she admires Mallika Sherawat for her boldness.

That’s not it. Sambhavana too is open to wearing skimpy clothes and revealing her assets, but not just for the heck of it.

“The role should justify the need for exposure. And it should also be done aesthetically,” says Sambhavna.

Aesthetically!!! Really, I find it very difficult to match Mallika Sherawat with aestheticism. Perhaps Bollywood has its own meaning for this word. Anyway, Sambhavna Seth is determined that no amount of cloth will be an obstacle for her march towards Bollywood success. She is ready to take off every dress that becomes a hindrance to her victory march.

On the other hand, I just feel pity for Sambhavna Seth. She is not the first actress to try to win Bollywood fans by sacrificing dress and sadly the greatest lesson from history is that no one learns from it. Sambhavna Seth has not learnt that Kajol, Rani, Madhuri did not sacrifice their clothes to become the leading actress in Bollywood. They did it with hard work and talent and acting skill.

What goes up must come down and Sambhavna Seth has sadly chosen the short cut of rising and then going down in the trash can of Bollywood history.