Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Vinod Khanna Laments Over Absence of Quality Scripts in Bollywood

Vinod Khanna is a familiar name in Bollywood but these days he is not seen in Bollywood movies. This month, we will see him in the movie Risk. He is not a bad actor. He is unhappy for the absence of quality scripts in Bollywood.

Monsters and Critics wrote:

Seasoned actor Vinod Khanna, who has chosen Vishram Sawant's 'Risk' as a comeback vehicle, feels Hindi films lag behind Hollywood because they lacks good scriptwriters.

'Our film industry's only lacuna is a lack of good scripts. Bollywood faces dearth of good stories and screenplays because writers from literature world do not foray in to film industry. They are shy and apprehensive of failure,' Vinod Khanna told IANS in an interview.

The actor-politician, however, adds that every problem has a solution and there is one for this too.

This is an age old problem in Bollywood and there is no solution to it for the time being. Bollywood producers and directors are more focused on music and dance and showing the body parts of the actresses than quality scripts. Vinod Khanna is not a child. He should understand this.