Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Vidya Balan: Getting into Acting Career on Big Screen

Vidya Balan’s joining into big screen was delayed twice and it was very shocking that her first work on a movie was stopped on the mid way of production. The movie was a Malayalam film named Chakram where she had given a role in the movie against the great Malayalam language actor Mohanlal, who got the Indian civilian award Padma Shri. Then she could also have got her first big screen appearance through a Tamil film named ‘Manasellam’ where she was supposed to act against popular South Indian actor Srikanth. However, having done a photo shoot with Srikanth, she was declared out of the movie by the director and Tamil actress Trisha Krisnan was given the role.

Having faced some earlier obstacle, this potential actress made her first big screen appearance through a Bengali language movie named ‘Bhaalo Theko’. The movie is based on an uncommon plot. In the movie she played the role of a young lady- Anandi, who in her 32nd birthday tries to recollect some of her childhood memory and compares those with her 32nd birthday. She plants a tree in the garden which she does on the occasion of her birthday. She once goes back to her childhood and then comes to present and then again goes to childhood. Actually, in the movie a divine love between people and nature was tired to be shown. For excellent performance in playing the leading role of the movie she was given the Best Actress Anand Lok Purashkar award in Kolkata. She was also critically praised for her outstand acting skill shown in the movie.

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