Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Sushmita Sen wants to get Married

Sushmita Sen is now 31 and single. She may be one of the most attractive actresses in Bollywood and one of most desirable women in India but she is not a very happy woman in her personal life. She had no success in her love life so far and this is not a good thing for any woman no matter what kind of a hot celebrity she is. So, Sushmita Sen is now thinking of marriage more seriously than ever before.

Financial Express wrote:

Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen says she believes in fate and is confident she eventually will find the right man to marry.

"I have always craved for marriage," a newspaper quoted her as saying. "I've always been a home-lover despite living a very public life."

I have serious doubt about her finding the right man. Well, people of like Sushmita Sen have very superficial notion about love and marriage. So, it will take time and failure for her to understand who is the right man. Anyway, all the best to Sushmita Sen .