Saturday, January 6, 2007

Shilpa Shetty: Dhadkan and a turning Point

After the movie Main Khiladi Tu Anari releasd in 1994, for about six years she could not act in any notable movie which brought substantial amount of hit. Then, it was Dhadkan released in 2000 which, in one sense, was a turning point in her career after a long drought of hit movie. In the movie Dhadkan, she played the role of Anjali, who loves Dev (played by Sunil Shetty). However, Shilpa’s father (played by Kiran Kumar) was reluctant to let his daughter marry a poor person Dev. So at one stage, Anjali has nothing to do against her father and eventually agrees with the decision of her parents to marry Ram (played by Akshay Kumar). Anjali was not happy with her married life as she still loves Dev. However, she gradually understands that Ram is a kind hearted person who respects her and wants to make her happy. Then she also starts to love her husband. In that situation, the climax of the movie starts as Dev appears to the scene. Dev has become wealthy person by then and this time he wants Anjali in his life. This hit movie was critically acclaimed and got a huge hit. For playing the role of Anjali, Shilpa got the nomination of Filmfare Best Actress Award.

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