Saturday, January 6, 2007

Salman Khan Wins the Fans Giving Sunglasses

Salman Khan recently gave sunglasses to his fans while walking on the ramp in Hyderabad. He was there as a part of the promotional activities for a local eyewear brand. The fans who had been waiting for a long time to see their dream actor were later satisfies with getting the warm association with this Bollywood actor. I ma quoting some lines regarding this news from a IBN live report. The report said:

“Unlike other starry walks down the ramp, Salman gave this one an interactive element – if you liked what the star wore then you get it too.

Now if Salman goes around distributing free sunglasses then being mobbed is just part of the game. And that is exactly what happened in Nizam country.

But that wasn't the end of it, after the crowd was pacified Salman was back again with a security ring around him which included brother Sohail Khan. This time to launch a calendar featuring the Khan himself.

And even though he wasn't wearing the sunglasses this time, Salman made sure the freebies kept coming.”

It seems that though last year his movies could not attract much at the box office, he is till popular to his fans as he was before. The fans presented at that function were undoubtedly very happy with their star.