Saturday, January 6, 2007

Esha Deol Not to Go for Arranged Marriage

Dharmendra and Hema Malini daughter Esha Deol said that she does not want to marry a person who she did not know before marriage. She thinks that she can not adopt with a stranger person who she has never seen before. So, it seems that she does not believe in arranged marriage. I ma quoting some lines from a Mumbai Mirror report:

Dad Dharam and mom Hema have reason to be worried. After all, Esha is not even dating anybody! Is it going to be an arranged match for the Deol gal, then? "Never! An arranged marriage would be like an adventure ride but, no thanks. I'd like to know my guy well before marriage. I can't imagine getting married to a stranger," Esha says

She also said that she feels nervous while acting in a close scene with an unknown. The report said:

Merely shooting for an intimate scene with a co-actor gave her the creeps, so marrying one is out of qusetion. "I was shooting a honeymoon scene in Ooty and I felt so lost, cut-off, vague…" she describes her feelings. "The feeling of being close and intimate with a stranger is scary. I used to miss home and family so much," she says.

“So when it came to her film Just Married, a film that chronicles the life of a couple who have an arranged marriage, Esha turned to her friends for inspiration. "I know a lot of people who have got married to people of their parents' choice. That helped me acquire a lot of insight," she says. "There is a side to me which is not known to the world. Although my image portrays something else, I'm a very traditional person at heart. I am quite conservative. And I like to keep that fa├žet of my personality hidden from public view," Esha adds.”

Interestingly her next movie named Just Married is based on a story of arranged marriage. Recently she has also been nominated for the Best Actor in a Villainous role along with other three Khan’s- Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Aamir Khan. She is the only actress who got the nomination. She says:

"Being the only girl to be nominated for the best actor in a villainous role, against the three Khans Shah Rukh, Saif and Aamir Khan. I'm quite honoured to be nominated, it's very encouraging for someone like me.”

It seems interesting which make me remember the line that Life and Acting is not same. Yes, the line proves here in the case of Esha. I hope she will soon get her would be guy.