Friday, January 19, 2007

Prime Minister of UK to Visit a Indian Film Industry to Ease the Celebrity Big Brother Controversy over Racism

Britain's next likely Prime Minister and present finance minister, Gordon Brown, is going to visit India very soon. The visit was supposed to focus on the India's growing importance in the International economy. However, the recent controversy of racism in the popular television show Celebrity Big Brother has made him to manage sometime for a visit to a film industry of India. To turn a off on the Big Brother controversy, he might visit the studio. I am quoting some line from a scotsmannews report:

The Chancellor had intended to use his first visit to India to highlight the country's growing importance to the global economy.

But the Big Brother controversy ensured that he spent much of the trip engaged in diplomatic firefighting, as he was bombarded with questions from Indian journalists.

With effigies of the show's bosses being burnt on the streets and front page headlines across the country's press, Mr Brown insisted that Britain remained a tolerant country and condemned anything which detracted from that image.

The initiative taken by Mr. Brown may ease the way to resolve such pathetic controversy. However, the authority of the show should take some lesson from this incident so that in future they can make the participants of the show aware about saying anything controversial. I hope the controversy will be resolved as soon as possible.