Friday, January 12, 2007

Karisma Kapoor Draws 1,000 People in Qatar

Karisma Kapoor is not in her best form these days but she has still lot of popularity in India and abroad. It is great to find that her face can draw a crowd of 1000.

Gulf Times wrote:

A near 1,000-strong crowd gathered at the Hyatt Plaza Mall to witness a fashion show showcasing a whole new range of branded diamond jewellery introduced by Al-Sulaiman Jewellery and Watches (ASJW) yesterday.

The hour-long show might have just been an excuse for the hundreds of people, mostly Indian expatriates, who flocked to the massive shopping mall to get a glimpse of one-time Bollywood mega star Karisma Kapoor, the brand ambassasdor of Eros Jewellery (India), which has tied up with ASJW to be their exclusive dealer in Doha.

Wearing a pink shalwar kameez, the 32-year-old blue-eyed award-winning Indian actress, made an entry barely 15 minutes later than the scheduled time, but was still courteous enough to apologise to waiting fans and mediapersons for the delay – a gesture not generally expected of stars.

“I’m sorry for the delay. We were stuck in a major traffic jam,” Kapoor said, as fans stretched their necks, pushed and pulled each other, to take a picture of the actress with their mobile phones and cameras.

I do not know how much money she is going to get for this appearance but I know that it will help to boost the confidence of Karisma Kapoor. She is not having a great time now. New actresses are in the limelight in Bollywood and Karisma Kapoor is on the side track. So, naturally, I am not sure if she is in a happy state of mind now. However, I can tell one thing for sure that she is still very beautiful.


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