Monday, January 22, 2007

Jade Goody: What She Got from Abusing Shilpa Shetty?

Jade Goody might have been an obscuring name out of UK until last week but thanks to her alleged racist comments against Shilpa Shetty in the celebrity show, Big Brother UK, she has become one of the most familiar names in the media today. Just open every big TV channel- BBC, CNN, Sky TV- you will see the face of Jade Goody. She has been voted out of Big Brother UK for her bad behavior but she is still making the media headlines in and around of UK and India.

There has been a strong back lash against Goody in UK. Thousands of people complained against her behavior. Sponsors are now backing out of her. Even Gordon Brown, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, spoke against her misconduct. It seems that she is losing a lot because of her bad behavior against Shilpa Shetty. Wrong! Yes, if you think this way then I must say that you are dead wrong.

Why? Just think of what stars crave for- media limelight and publicity. And, believe me, Jade Goody has got too much of that in the last 10 days. Just do a Google search on her name and you will end up with about 2,500,000 search results. That amount of result for a person who is relatively unknown outside of UK. I was going through the Wikipedia entry on Jade Goody. Her fame and income seems to be entirely concentrated in the UK. Thanks to the controversy in Big Brother now, she is a celebrity in the international stage. I think that this is her best achievement. Don’t believe me? Just check out Washington Post. Brits Oust `Brother' Racism-Row Figure- this is the report published in Washington Times.

British bully of Bollywood queen battered by backlash- published in Gulf Times. So, Jade Goody is now a familiar name in all the continents on earth.

After few weeks, the storm in the tea cup will die down both in the UK and India and then Jade Goody will feature in the media as a celebrity. Most people will even forget her abuse of Shilpa Shetty (the fans have extremely short memory when it comes to the negative sides of the celebrities). Jade will become richer and more famous.

I do not know if Jade Goody has abused Shilpa intentionally or not but I have to say that Jade will get the best benefit out of this controversy. She has apologized and this would really make her the good guy to her fans. So, she just needs to continue this good guy and repentant image and then make the best out of her new found publicity.