Friday, January 12, 2007

Guru Getting Mixed Reactions in India

It is reported in some cinema halls situated in India where the advance ticket sales could not live up the expectation regarding the movie Guru. However, in some places, selling is going well and some shows of its first day after release has been houseful. Regarding these mixed reactions coming from different parts in India reported:

Many of the theatres have started on a bad note. It might be because the movie is a remake, and people are confused whether to watch it or not. It is believed that the movie is based on the life Dhirubhai Ambani. Guru is more of a period film that is set in the late 1950’s.

None of the shows are house-full. The bookings started on Monday and people have not showing interest in the film. However, we expect that the situation will change in the next few days. We are charging Rs.100 for the balcony, while Rs.60 and Rs.40 for upper stall and lower stall,” said K.G Pitambaram, an official of Eros Theatre in Churchgate.

At the Maratha Mandir as well, the film failed to attract the audience. “There are people who are booking for the sake of the Mani Ratnam and some are interested to watch Abhishek. The bookings started on Monday and we expect that its fairs good in the coming days. We don’t have any promotional offers with the tickets,” said Ravi Rane of Maratha Mandir.
Similar is the situation at Chitra theatre in Dadar. “We can’t understand why the tickets are not selling. We expected good sales,” said Dilip Chavan of Chitra.

There are some areas where ticket selling is going well and the authorities of the screens are also very hopeful regarding the successes of the school. The report stated:

However, the PVR cinemas at Mulund seem to be doing brisk sales of the tickets for Guru. “The sales of tickets are very good. We have two house-full for the 7.15 pm and 10.30 pm show on Friday. We do not have any promotions for the tickets. The film will do well,” said Imtiyaz Hussain of PVR cinemas.

Though the ticket selling in some places are not good, it is assumed that the situation will change after the movie is released. People will be interested after they will know about the movie from the other viewers. Behind this unexpected situation, lacking of advertising and promotional activities has played a significant role which should be focused on as soon as possible.