Thursday, January 4, 2007

Twinkle Khanna: Busy With Her Store

Twinkle Khanna was never exactly a top actress in Bollywood. Yes, she had some decent success but she could never become a top rank actress. I do not know what was wrong with her. She was very pretty and came from a celebrity family too. Of course, the divorce of her mom and dad did not help Twinkle Khanna and her sister at all.

Now, Twinkle Khanna is no longer acting in Bollywood. On the one hand, she has hardly any demand among the directors. On the other hand, she is a working mom and looking after her store.

Chandrima Pal has written an interview based report in Mumbai Mirror. There she wrote:

So there we were, at her picturesque Bandra store, stacked with furniture and home accessories, most of which have been designed by her. "I am working on 15 projects simultaneously all over the world," she mentions. Dressed in a crisp white cotton shirt, blue denims, and stylish platform heels, Twinkle has strapped on a chunky necklace, "to add a bit of colour". Meanwhile, Akshay Kumar's sister breezes in and out. Evidently, the sisters-in-law get along well.

"I have always lived in a fish bowl," says the wife of one of the hottest male actors in the industry. "I am used to being in the limelight with my family being in it too," she says when we try and her into reacting about Akshay's female fans. Right now, however, Twinkle's busy "multitasking". As an interior designer, she's been doing up quite a few luxurious celebrity homes (including a villa in Dubai and Manchester) and opened another outlet of White Window recently at Andheri. And there is four-year-old Aarav clamouring for attention as well. "He once complained to his teacher that 'my mother never picks me up from school.' The teacher

explained being a working mother, she too is often unable to do that," says Twinkle. "Thursdays are my days with him, with either me or my husband making it a point to tuck him to sleep every night."

It is nice to see that Twinkle is enjoying her work. Of course, it is difficult to adjust in life after the glamorous world of Bollywood. The only consolation is that she is busy with her work.