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Shah Rukh Khan: Bazzigor, Darr and Anjamm: Coming into Lime Light as an Actor through Villainous Role

Shah Rukh Khan first came into lime light as a potential actor though playing some negative roles for which he was highly praised and got some prestigious prizes. He acted in three hit movies in back to back two years where he played three negative roles. In 1993, within one month two of his earlier hit movies were released for which he was critically acclaimed. His first hit movie was ‘Baazigar’ where he played the role of Ajay Sharma. In the movie he with an intention to take revenge to a family he pretends to love the family’s eldest daughter Seema (played by Shilpa Sheety) and later killed her and then he goes for the family’s second daughter Priya (played by Kajol). This was his first acting in a negative role. The movie was directed by Abbas Mustan and got four Filmfare Award including the Filmfare Best Actor Award for Shah Rukh Khan.

Then his second movie playing in a negative role of an obsessed lover, ‘Darr’, was released just after one month of releasing Bazzigar. The movie was directed by Yash Chopra and got a huge hit. Shah Rukh Khan played the character Rahul and some of his co-stars in the movie were Sunny Deol and Juhi Chawla. In the movie Rahul fall in love with Kiran (played by Juhi Chawla) who is married to Sunil (played by Sunny Deol). It is seen that Rahul aggressively loves Kiran which made some suspense in the movie and Sunil with his true love comes to face any risk and Kiran being feared feels puzzled. For the role of Rahul, Shah Rukh Khan was nominated for the Filmfare Best Villain Award.

In 1994, he acted in a villainous role for the third time. His movie ‘Anjamm’ was released this year for playing the role of Vijay, Shah Rukh Khan got the Filmfare Best Villain Award and in the way he got the recognition of a perfect villainous actor in the industry. The movie was directed by Rahul Rawail and this is the first time Madhuri Dixit, acted against Shah Rukh Khan. In the movie, Vijay loves Shivani by Madhuri Dixit but she rejects him and then marries to Ashok Chopra played by Deepak Tijori. However, Rahul can not take this rejection well and after some year, he kills her husband, daughter and sister. He filed a case against Shivani accusing her of attempted his murder. At the very last moment of the movie, Shivani killed Vijay and she also dies afterwards. I can assume that after getting three hit movies playing in negative roles, he eventually got popularity as a villainous actor in the industry.

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