Friday, January 12, 2007

Review of Guru at is one of the leading web portals on Bollywood. It is one of the top websites on Bollywood too (according to Alexa rating). Naresh Kumar Deoshi has written an excellent review of Guru.

Guru : Movie Review

This is the title of the review. There, Naresh Kumar Deoshi wrote:

A film like ‘Guru’ has not been seen on the Indian screen before. With its powerful story, awesome performances, melodious music ( A R Rahman ), splendid cinematography (Rajiv Menon) and skilled direction, the movie leaves you spellbound. However, two songs in quick succession at the film’s very beginning do make for a bumpy start.

The story picks up when Guru goes to Mumbai where he starts his clothes business. How this visionary with an indomitable spirit fights against all odds and succeeds, makes for a riveting watch. And full credit goes to Abhishek Bachchan who has given the best performance of his career so far. His Guru is full of energy, vivacity and optimism.

What’s commendable is the conviction with which Abhi gets into the skin of his character. His bulky frame moves with a swagger, his penetrating gaze reflects his shrewd business acumen and yet there is a vulnerable side to Guru that shines through now and then. Abhi’s performance is particularly excellent in the second half, when his business begins to sink and he is paralyzed. His monologue in the courtroom (with his lip twitched and his one arm incapacitated) makes him truly deserving of an award.

For the first time, ‘Guru’ offers something to write about chemistry between Abhishek and Aishwarya. There is almost an electric vibe between the two actors and it could verily be seen in the film. Apart from this, Ash’s performance, too, is commendable.

The review is long and in depth. I am sure you would love it whether you have already seen the movie or you are going to the cinema hall to enjoy it. So, visit the website and read the review.