Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The Official Website of Bollywood Movie Guru

I have to say that the official website of Guru is cool but it is bandwith hungry. Since I work with a slow Internet connection, it took a long time for the website to download in my computer. I do not understand the logic behind making the hom page nearly 2.5 megabyte.

This is the url of the website. If you do not have a high speed Internet connection then you can easily start loading the site in your computer and then do some cooking or even take a short nap and then come back again to enjoy the site.

The design and use of color of the website is cool.

You can get a glimpse of the story, the cast and the crew in the website.

In the Gallery section, you ca see some cool images from the movie.

In the media section, you can enjoy the trailers and listen to the music. So, I know that many visitors would love this part. You can also read the lyrics of the songs too. So, I really like this section of the official website of Guru.

In the download section, you can download, posters, wall papers and screen saver of the movie. So, you can download them and keep them in your PC.

Finally, in Gurutalk section, you can see memorable quotes from Guru.

So, go ahead and visit the website and enjoy some moments there.