Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Madhuri Dixit Taking Preparation for the Shooting of Her Comeback Movie

Madhuri Dixit is now trying to keep herself beauty ahead of the shooting of her comeback film. For that reason, this talented actress practices yoga, jogging and goes to gym. Besides, she also has a balanced diet. Regarding her preparation for shooting she said:

“The idea of working out for me is a balanced act. Yoga gives me stamina. Trust me, it's difficult to look beautiful after delivering two babies.''

This 39 year old bollywood actress has been out of acting for last several years as she married to an Indian surgeon living in US. During this time she has become the mother of two sons. Madhuri last acted in 2002 in Devdas where she played the role of Chandramukhi for which she was given the Filmfare Best Supporting Actress award.

Regarding the present situation of Bollywood she said:

“Bollywood has become competitive. In our time, when we started our careers, we were raw. Nowadays actresses are well-groomed and perfect right at the outset. The industry has become ruthless. Either you are perfect or you are out''

This movie would be a big challenge for this actress as she is out of acting for past few years. However, actresses like Madhuri have that ability to comeback and win all obstacles.

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