Thursday, January 4, 2007

Guru: Dhirubhai Ambani or Who?

By: Biplob Kishore Deb

Mani Ratnam’s upcoming movie Guru has already created a rumor that it is based on the life of rich person Dhirubhai Ambani, though Ratnam rejected it. However, it has been th most talked issue in the industry and the rumor is getting stronger as the release date of the movie is closer. It is noteworthy that the film Guru is a story of a man named Guru who becomes richest person in the country by his own effort in life. This character will be starred by Abhishek Bachchan. I am quoting some lines from a IBN Live report regarding this news:

“The film is a fiction and like any good fiction if you can relate it to life then the story gets that much more life and root to it. But otherwise the character, situation and the structure of the film is fictional,” Ratman explains.

Ratnam says Guru could represent “anybody who has grown big in life. There are different shades in the film, which we all can relate to”.

So, then is the film inspired by the life of Dhirubhai Ambani?

“I would say that it is not a biography. It is not a real man’s life. It could be the story of several people. It could be the spirit of civil people and that is what we are trying to capture. And in trying to capture that mood you keep it in a setting, which is realistic. Therefore, there are a lot of things which you can connect to,” says Ratnam.

Ratnam also staunchly denied rumours that the Ambanis wanted to see the film before it is released.

“This is not true. No, not at all,” says Ratnam.

The movie has been the subject to be talked much in Bollywood before it’s release. Now it is yet to see how much it will be talked after its release.