Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Guru at Wikipedia

These days, Wikipedia is a great source of information. You can debate about the quality and accurateness of the content in this free encyclopedia but whenever you search something, you can find that Wikipedia has already covered it. So, no wonder, Wikipedia has already covered the much awaited Bollywood movie, Guru.

This is the link of the Wikipedia’s entry on Guru. So, click on the link and visit the page and you can get some good information about the movie. I am just giving here a part from the entry:


The Telugu language dubbing rights of this movie were sold to producer N. V. Prasad and will be releasing on January 12, 2007 as Gurukanth. [4]

During a scene, Aishwarya Rai fell and had a few bruises on her hands and feet, so filming had to be suspended for a few hours while she got first aid. [5]

S. Bharathi, a lawyer in real life, plays the role of a marriage registrar in the movie. [6]

So, you can see that the entry is worth reading. So, visit the webpage and read everything you need to know about Guru.