Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Class Stars of Indian Movie Reluctance to Star in Mira Nair’s AIDS Based Movie

Mira Nair, a famous Indian director, has recently said that Bollywood’s A list stars do not want to be involved in the movie based on dead-threatened disease HIV/AIDS. Mira is going to make a 12 minute movie based on HIV/AIDS. The initiative has been taken by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation in order to protect AIDS from this second largest country in the world. It is noteworthy that recently the number of AIDS patient in India has been increased much. The foundation will fund four 12 minute movies on this issue. Femalefirst reported:

Nair will direct one of four low-budget, 12-minute movies to be shown in cinemas ahead of full-length Bollywood films, which will be funded by the charity Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

But Nair says she was unable to get top Bollywood actors to feature in the shorts because of the association with the disease.

She says, "Lots of stars don't want to be associated with the virus. Some live and don't learn."

It looks very odd that an American based foundation has come forward to prevent this disease from India whereas Indian stars do not feel having any responsibility to the issue. I do not think that acting in a role of AIDS patient can cause decrease of his or her popularity. Then I would like to ask those stars that Shilpa Sheety acted in a AIDS based movie and was critically acclaimed for her role of a AIDS patient. Now she is winning the heart of both English and Indian people. I hope stars will extend their hand to this great initiative.