Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Bollywood Actresses are Unhappy with Bollywood Heroes for their Bad Breathe

Kissing a man with bad breathe is never an enjoyable experience. Many women are unhappy about this matter around the world. In Asia, it is even worse. Many Asian men do not care for their partners that much and often the women have to suffer a lot in love. However, it is awful to see that even in movie industries this problem is becoming a common affair.

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The number of kissing scenes in Bollywood has increased sharply in the last 2-3 years. So, the female actresses have to suffer some from their male counterparts when it comes to bad breathing. Until now, the actresses remained silent about this matter but in the last few months, several actresses are talking about this matter.

India Daily reported:

It started with Celina Jetley. Now most female bombshells are complaining that the Bollywood males are throwing bad breath at them when the directors are eager the females to perform lip-clocked smooches with these careless males of Bollywood. ‘How about brush the teeth before kissing a stranger on the stage?’ shouts one Bollywood bombshell.

According to the report, the bad guys are the Khans while the good guy is Akshay Kumar. Well, I am not sure which Khan is the bad guy. Is it Shah Rukh or Salman or Amir?

It is a difficult problem and does not have a good solution. The only way this problem can be solved is that the media has to come forward and highlight this matter. Another way out is that the Bollywood actresses can refuse to take part in kissing scenes against those actors who have bad breathe and who do not take care of their breathe before a kissing scene.