Thursday, January 4, 2007

Asha Bhonsle to Participate in a Show with Kronos Quartet

Asha Bhonsle is the legendary Indian singer. She is going to participate in a show with the classical Jazz group Kronos Quartet in Sysdey, Australia. The show is set to be held in March. The show will be arranged at the Sydbey Opera House. At the program, Australian will give their tribute to another famous singer Rahul Dev Burman, husband of Asha Bhonsle. Regarding this news I am quoting some lines from a Internaitonal Herald Tribune report:

The concert at the Sydney Opera House will follow a Bollywood album "You've Stolen My Heart" that the 73-year-old Bhonsle has done with the quartet, the Hindustan Times daily reported.

It was not just the group's music but also their reverence for her late husband and Bollywood music director, Rahul Dev Burman, that touched her, the daily quoted Bhonsle as saying.

"It is incredible to see the kind of respect they gave to Burman ... They wanted to know how he lived, what he ate and everything about him," she said.

Bhonsle is one of the most recorded singers with more than 20,000 songs in more than a dozen Indian languages.

It seems that Australian people will have a great time at the Sydney Opera House as they will experience an outstanding performer of Indian songs.