Saturday, January 6, 2007

A.R. Rahman Wins the People Again With His Guru Album

The music album of the upcoming Bollywood Movie, Guru directed by Mani Ratnam, has recently been released. Ahead of the movie set to be released on 11 January, it seems to be a surprise for the people waiting for another Mani Ratnam special. However, much specialty has given in the album by benevolent Music Composer A.R. Rahman. You can say that it is a peace of A.R. Rahman special. In the movie there are at least 5/6 songs which you would really love to hear. It has been a tradition that if it is Mani’s movie then Mr. Rahman will be behind the music. I have gone through a Business of Cinema report regarding this album. It reported:

“Barso re', the first song in the album, is a rather refreshing song; it is certainly one that you would want to listen to while driving to the countryside. The song is beautifully sung by Shreya Ghosal and Uday Mazumdar. The lyrics of the song reveal the kind of setting it might be shot in and has a sense of freshness to it. Though you do wish that it were a little shorter - at five minutes and 29 seconds, the song drags a bit, with the 'naa re naa re'..

Hariharan and Alka Yagnik are two singers whose voices you could hear forever and keep falling in love with, and they have sung Ay Hairathe with a whole lot of panache. This, without doubt, is the best song in the entire album. The lyrics of the song are the closest one can get to poetry and flow effortlessly into the tunes. The emphasis on the 'jagaa math' and 'Lagaa math' adds the extra special touch to the already melodious song.

Chitra and A R Rehman create magic in Jaage hain. This is the last track in the album and aptly placed. There is nothing like listening to great music at the end of it all. Beautiful lyrics topped with perhaps the best singers is what this song is all about. The way the song builds up is an aural delight. This song is a treat to all music lovers.

'Tere bina' is 'nice' but not 'great'; this is a song you'd enjoy better in the theatre rather than listening to it at home. 'Mayya' - this is what you would call the 'item song' of the entire album. 'Mayya' sung by Maryem Toller, Keerthi and Chinmayee, has an Arabesque tune.”

It seems that the movie has attracted much with its music. Now it is yet to see what is waiting to the fate of the movie itself.