Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Aishwarya Rai in Guru

Aishwarya Rai played an integral part of the recent hit movie Guru directed by famous director Mani Ratnma. Aishwarya played the role of Sujata, wife of Guru (played by Abhishek Bachchan). With her excellent acting performance she again proves that she deserves to be a legend of Bollywood. Sujata is a simple character who brought up in village and never saw the harsh reality of city life. However, this simple character turns into an outstanding role through her talented acting. Sujata were not interested to marry Guru but being pressurized by her greedy father she had to marry Guru. Here, it is seen the typical rural culture of India where women cannot influence on the decision of their own marriage. Aishwarya showed that part of Indian culture very successfully. Though she was not pleased to Guru initially, her love starts to grow after the couple comes to Bombay hoping happy life. In the new environment, Sujata gets Guru as her only known person and last safest place which was the start of their unconventional love. Having seen the responsibility and love of his husband, she eventually gets out of her earlier position. Though Sujata is a village girl and spent her whole life in village, she was talented and intelligent and she always stands by her husband both in success and in danger which also indicates a responsible wife. Aishwarya performed in these two different situations very successfully and she easily could cope up with these two opposite situation which is a creditable job for any actress.

For dance, I think, she should be given some extra credit as she well-showed a life of a village girl in her dance. In the song Barso Re, she is seen with different activities of a village girl indicating the simplicity and freshness of the life of a village girl. This benevolent actress is also seen in some other songs in the movie which also introduces her excellent dancing talent. She appears as a responsible wife who takes care of her sick husband and through her confidence she faces all the obstacles of life. Aishwarya’s acting skill makes the character real on the screen and plays a significant role in the success of the movie.

It is true that Aishwarya could not surpass the presence of Abhishek in the movie, but played an important role to make the character Guru much strong, influential and significant.