Thursday, October 11, 2007

Akshay Kumar Comes Back after ‘Seven by Eight’ Shooting in US

Akshay Kumar has come back from US after the shooting of his upcoming film “Seven by Eight”. Akshay has recently celebrated his 40th birthday there. Akshay’s recent film Heyy Babyy got hit at the box office. Akhsay’s next movie stars him as a psychiatrist. In the movie he is to deal with ghosts, exorcism and other paranormal elements. Akshay will appear in an action thriller against Deepika Padukone. Akshay Kumar has fame for his action based movie. However, in the last few years, he did not act in any action movie. So, his fans are now waiting to see Akshay in a superhero role once again.

The Times of India reported:
Akshay is still zapped by the response to his latest hit Heyy Babyy. “I knew it was a nice film and was an absolute entertainer, but I didn’t expect people to respond so well. It’s unbelievable.” And did he have an easy time handling the baby, Angel? “No way! Maybe that’s the popular perception because I have a son; but it is Ritiesh Deshmukh who’s an expert with babies,” he says.

Akshay Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan have same popularity outside India according to a recent pool. However, Akshay does not want to go for any comparison between Shah Rukh Khan and him. Moreover, he said there was not any competition between them. Now, let us see if he can produce the same action thriller at the age of 40. Only time can give the best answer of it.