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Jab We Met Review: From Different Websites

Much hyped Bollywood movie, Jab We Met has hit the screens today and got average response from the moviegoers. Directed by Imtiaz Ali, Jab We Met has been released in 15 countries across the world. Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor play the lead roles of the movie. However, the break of Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor could not make it bigger in the opening day though it was earlier thought of. Jab We Met has done well in the first day but it is not so satisfactory.

However, Jab We Met has done very well compared to the other releases of this week. Anurag Kashyap’s No Smoking has come to closer in teems of competition with Jab We Met. At the evening shows of Jab We Met got comparatively good response than the previous shows.

Regarding the first day response of Jab We Met, Ibosnetwork reported:

The opening day bookings for Jab We Met is hovering at around 30% on limited screenings. That means, it will have to depend on word of mouth to generate large collections. (update: The film's collections did show an upward tick by Friday evening with Saturday bookings at 60%). The duo's previous films included Fida, 36 China Town, and Chup Chup Ke.
John Abraham & Ayesha Takia starrer No Smoking doesn't seem set to smoke out the box office either. Its advance was lagging behind Jab We Met at around 20% on similarly low volume screenings.

Though the movie could not work well expectedly in the first day, Jab We Met got huge response from the moviegoers. In a whole, Bollywood fans liked the movie for its story as well as the performance of the two leading actors. No matter, even if the movie does not generate huge income for the producers and director Imtaiz Ali because almost everybody has raised their voice while praising Imtiaz Ali for his excellent performance. The music numbers also attracted the fans and were said to be well-suit with the story and environment.

In the first place, the movie based on a love story portraying two strangers in a journey to love has crossed the mind of the fans. Though it is said that the movie is a mixture of a number of Bollywood and Hollywood films, Jab We Met has something different in its story and in story telling. So, the movie has all the qualities to stand by its own.

Indiafm reported:

Frankly, the story isn't new. It has traces of the Abhishek - Ash starrer DHAAI AKSHAR PREM KE [2000; which, in turn, was inspired by A WALK IN THE CLOUDS] and Govinda - Urmila starrer KUNWARA [2000; which, in turn, was a remake of a Telugu film BHAVANAGARU BHAGUNNARA], but director Imtiaz Ali's execution of the subject takes it to another level altogether.
To sum up, JAB WE MET is as refreshing as an ice-cold watermelon juice in scorching heat. Imtiaz Ali's expert storytelling coupled with Shahid and Kareena's sparkling performances make this film a must-watch!

So, no doubt, Imtiaz Ali could successfully present the story to the fans with the right environment. However, the two protagonists Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor have also impressed with their much expressive performances. Almost everyone has expressed their praise for the performance of Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor. They have recently got separated from each other. However, it seems they must rethink about their relationship as both of them are getting huge positive responses from both the movie fans as well as from the critics.

Rediff reported:

Though Kareena is loud at times, she is a treat to watch -- funny and full of life. She gets to mouth hilarious lines like, 'Bachpan se mujhe shaadi karne ka bahut shauk tha.'
Shahid, on other hand, acts composed and provides a perfect foil to the Kareena's bubbly character.

For both Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor there are many more praises. Indicating their excellent performances the reports said that the two could suit the roles and make the roles alive. Some even have said that Shahid has showed his best performance in Jab We Met. Indiafm reported that the movie would be a turning point in the career of Kareena Kapoor. Moreover, writer also compared Kareena Kapoor with the Kajol of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Pawan Malhotra and Dara Singh have also showed praiseworthy performances in the movie.

Merinews reported:

Shahid is wonderfully restrained and enacts his part with rare maturity. However, it is Kareena who with her spritely performance (though she is over the top, here and there, per chalta hai) is the star of the show. Her gym-toned figure shows on-screen and thankfully she looks much more presentable than her flabby Don days.

The music tracks of the movie were also earned a good response from the music lovers. In particular, “Mauja Hi Mauja” and Yeh Ishq Hai” have touched the fans. No doubt, the movie is expected to become a good. Many have praised the music tracks for having a close connection to the story of the movie. It is obvious that, Pritam has showed his talent once again and no doubt, the songs will help the movie to become successful in the box office.

Desicritics reported:

Decent Soundtrack - I totally dig the “Mauja Hi Mauja” number, even though it’s sung by that jungle beast Mika. Even “Yeh Ishq Hai” is quite hummable.
Capable Director - I thought Imtiaz Ali’s first release Socha Na Tha was a decent effort, so hopefully Jab We Met would only be better.

Shahid Kapoor has recently said that the songs of the movie will have a good response from the fans. Besides the songs, the person who was responsible for all of the success of Jab We Met is none but the director Imtiaz Ali. Jab We Met is the second movie of Imtiaz Ali as he got into Bollywood with her critically acclaimed Socha Na Tha that could not work well in the box office. Both the leading actors Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor have given all the credits to Imtiaz Ali for the success of the movie

Indiafm reported:

Imtiaz Ali deserves brownie points for handling the subject with such maturity. The fun-laden scenes are truly funny and the emotional ones make you moist-eyed. Striking the right balance between light and heavy moments is akin to walking on a tight rope and Imtiaz handles the two extremes with remarkable ease. An accomplished storyteller undoubtedly!

Jab We Met shot many of its scenes in various railway stations across the India. Imtaiz Ali came from Jamshedpur where train is the most popular everyday vehicle. So, Imtiaz Ali tried to introduce a train journey and the astounding railway stations in the movie. With the movie, Imtiaz Ali proves his talent once again. So, obviously Imtiaz Ali will get much inspiration to come up with many more movies for the fans of Bollywood.

Though the story of the movie has earned huge appreciation, there are some undecided questions over the story. It is true that those questions will not make any problem for the viewers to enjoy the films but the questions will remain constant.

Moneyinnews reported:

1) Why does Shahid’s girlfriend marry someone else? Why does his business have problems (which by the way becomes an overnight success when Shahid returns to Bombay)? No explanations offered.
2) How does Shahid find Anshuman whom he’s never met? Unexplained.
3) Both leads seem to have no friends since there never is a mention of even one. Really strange. Usually when in problems related to family everyone talks to their friends.

Anyway, Jab We Met is an excellent movie where the story is described in an impressive way with the help of right environment and impressive acting of the actors. The expressions and the body language of the actors and the dialogues of the movie are enough to make you impress. Now, it is up to you; if you will watch the movie or not.


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