Monday, October 22, 2007

Linda Arsenio Coming with Mumbai Salsa

American born actress Linda Arsenio is coming with her second Bollywood movie, ‘Mumbai Salsa.’ The movie will hit the screens on 26 October. Earlier Linda acted in her first Bollywood movie titled ‘Kabul Express’ where she played the role of an American journalist Jessica Beckham. To tell the truth, Linda Arsenio was successful in the movie Kabul Express.

Directed by Manoj Tyagi, Mumbi Salsa is tale of the life of discotheque. As Mumbai Salsa is the second movie of Linda, she should have been junior actor of the film. However, interestingly it seems that Linda Arsenio will be seen with a pool of debut faces in the movie. Manjari Phadnis, Vir Das, Neelam Chauhan, Ray, Indraneel Sengupta and Dilip Thadeshwar will make it to Bollywood though Mumbai Salsa.

Linda Arsenio started her showbiz career in India through Tamil and Telegu movies. However, she worked in Theater in New York. So, Linda Arsenio must have acting talent in her. She has already proven her skill in Kabul Express. Now, let us see if Linda Arsenio can make it bigger in Mumbai Salsa.

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