Monday, October 22, 2007

Kareena Kapoor Break Up: Interview of Kareena Kapoor

The break up of Kareena Kapoor is the hot news of Bollywood world. Karrena Kapoor has already seen with Saif Ali Khan and there is lot of rumors about the possible reasons of the break up. It is interesting that Kareena Kapoor is said to be with a new boy friend just within a few days of breaking up with Shahid Kapoor. Actually I found an interview of Kareena Kapoor that was published in Hindustan Times. I want the readers to read the interview. I am giving a part of the interview:

What about Shahid Kapur and you now?

We’ve been together for four and a half years.. and things between us are just not the way they are being reported. I will not say anything to anyone.. I am all set to promote our film Jab We Met .. it’s really a lovely romantic film.. but I’ll be making it very clear, “No personal questions please.”

It’s being conjectured that everything that’s going on is a publicity stunt.

Please Khaled.. do I need this kind of publicity? Am I nuts? Grandpa (Raj Kapoor) believed even bad publicity is good publicity. But that was another era.. I think all the rumours will soon become boring.

How would you describe Shahid Kapur?

He’s a fabulous human being, mature and stable. If a question mark is being placed over our relationship, he’s bound to be upset. It has to be sorted.

Ever been in love?

Yes. It’s a beautiful feeling which remains in your heart.. forever.. it’s someone you love forever.

So, from this interview you can see that Kareena Kapoor had good relationship with Shahid Kapoor but this is not clear yet if she regrets for the past. In that interview, Kareena Kapoor did not say anything specific about Saif Ali Khan but she did not protest about the rumor too. Actually, this made me surprised as Kareena Kapoor was a bit evasive of the questions.


beno jaan said...

its called an interview n yu have to spill n wats happennin? kaii?
hehe aii pcee

afsha said...

kareena???4 an da half yrs afta u realise it wasnt going on dat well....oh please just fuck off....u r simply a fucked up bitch n saif plz do 1 thing fuck her up n throw her in da dustbin....serves her ri8....n saif u r a complete asshole 2!!!shahid u r da best ....v hate kareena n abt her being hot dat she`ll b like duh....fucked n touched by so many guys since childhood

afsha said...

kareena....u have been going out wid shahid for 3 yrs n now u say things werent ri8...oh plz....just accept it....u r a fucked up bitch.....thanks god shahid`s life will no longer will b ruined at least 4 u bitch...n saif(ultimate asshole) if u wanna prove dat u r not a looser simply fuck kareena whereva u feel like ...ur bedroom or whereva in pubs u 2 r shameless..........n den throw kareena in a dustbin...serves her ri8..............bitch........shahid u r da best so dont even think abt dis bitch...she doesn knw da meaning of luv

Anonymous said...

i think u should not have done this kareena.... saif is ugly and old .he is just so wild looking whereas shahid is handsome . you were better off with shahid .atleast he's decsent.but there is one thing i wanna tell the readers of this comment is that kareena herself does not look happy after the breakup if u all have noticed in the filmfare awards when she came to take the best actress award . u have done a mistake kareena but there is never too late to mend u can still go back to shahid before its too late. or else i asure u tashan's gonna fail at the boxoffice coz no one likes u anymore and this includes me ....IM WID U SHAHID

SHAFA said...

i think that kareena just broke up with him coz he was not a weird , badtameez and mun phat like her and she wanted some one like her and now we can all see that she is with some one who is as disgusting as she is(SAIF WHO IS AS OLD AS THE HILLS) I AM WITH U SHAHID KAPOOR

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kareena is a hoe!