Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hollywood Production Houses Interested to Invest in Bollywood Following Sony Pictures’ Teaming Up with Saawariya

Now it seems that Hollywood production houses are now interested to grab enter in to the Indian movie market considering its large size. The production houses are now keen to make India based movie which Indian fans will love most. It means they want to make movies based on Indian culture. Sony Pictures, a renowned production house of Hollywood has already stepped in Bollywood with the upcoming movie Saawariya directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali This is the first time, a Bollywood movie has been produced by a Hollywood production house.

VOA News reported:

"I think they have realized that India is a huge market," he said. "First they got their films here in English, then they dubbed them in languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and this was a natural progression… and it makes commercial sense to partner Bollywood production houses, and make Hindi films now."
English-language films are steadily gaining in popularity in India. But according to estimates, they still accounted for only five percent of the amount spent at the box office in 2006.

It is good that Hollywood studios are interested to Bollywood. This will definitely improve the overall quality of Bollywood movies. Many high profile movies will be released from Bollywood. So, Bollywood fans will be able to watch high quality movies. Besides, with lots of investments the local production houses may face some challenges. Still, I think, it will bring an overall development in Bollywood arena which is positive for the industry.