Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Deepika Padukone Keeps Her Feat in the Soil despite All Stardom

The model turned actress, Deepika Padukone has already become a star in Bollywood. Her debut Bollywood film, ‘Om Shanti Om’, is set for the worldwide release on 9 November. The movie has also created much hymn in the Bollywood arena. Deepika Padukone will be seen appearing on the big screen with Shah Rukh Khan. Deepika earlier acted in a Kannada language movie titled ‘Aishwarya’.

Naturally, it is very hard to cope up with this newly found stardom. However, it seems that this beauty queen has the maturity to hold her poise and remember her roots. She gives the credit to her parents for their support. Recently, some of her school friends have said that she was also sportive and she always had the quality in her.

Now, ahead of the movie, ‘Om Shanti Om’, Deepika Padukone must be very excited. A lot have been written on her as she has already become a star in Bollywood. So, I think, she has the enough maturity to hold her place in Bollywood and prove her worth in her career. Now, let us see if Om Shanti Om can do well in the box office.