Monday, October 22, 2007

Linda Arsenio and Manjari Phadnis to Appear in Mumbai Salsa

You already know that Mumbai Salsa, an upcoming Bollywood movie, will hit the screens this Friday. Linda Arsenio will appear in the film with some new faces. The Kabul Express actress, Linda Arsenio has to prove her acting skill though this movie. Though the American actress worked well in her debut movie, Kabul Express, and was critically acclaimed, she could not prove her skill well.

Another young and less known actress, Manjari Phadnis is going to make her comeback with the movie Mumbai Salsa. She earlier acted in the moviestitled ‘Rok Sako To Rok Lo’ and ‘Faaltoo.’ However, she could not make any break earlier and that is why; she will definitely want to make it big this time with Mumbai Salsa.

The movie will show the life of discotheque. It is true that the movie does not have any big star or attraction ahead of its release date. No doubt, the movie has little chance to do well in the box office. There is no big star or big banner behind the movie. So, It would be hard for the movie to survive in the market along with another same day release ‘Jab We Met’ (Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor). Now, let us see if the movie can al least generate a modest income for the producers of the movie.