Thursday, October 11, 2007

Vidya Balan and Akshay Kumar SMS Controversy

Vidya Balan was going to fell in a trap during the shooting of ‘Heyy Babyy’. Akshay Kumar found Vidya Balan’s mobile lying down while she was shooting for a scene. Akshay took the opportunity and sent a bad message to the choreographer of Vidya Balan. The astonished choreographer also sent a message back to Vidya’s mobile. Then Vidya Balan checked the sent message option of her mobile and got the message.

The Times of India reported:
While shooting for Bhool Bhulaiya, Vidya’s phone was simply lying around, and Akki dearest saw the opportunity and sent a nasty SMS to the choreographer from her mobile. All hell broke loose when the puzzled choreographer messaged back, and Vidya read the message.
After reacting to it rather loudly, Balan checked her sent messages folder, and Akshay’s snickering gave him up. The well-mannered VB then apologized profusely to her choreographer. And all was well that ended well.

So, at the end there was not any more problem and everything ended completely. Vidya Balan has fame for keeping his composure and well behavior. She proved it once again. Akshay Kumar is a superstar in Bollywood. He will also understand that a simple fun can create huge problem.