Saturday, April 12, 2008

Salman Khan Trying Best to Launch Brazilian Model Bruna Abdullah in Bollywood

It has been reported a few weeks ago that Bollywood’s lover boy Salman Khan was seeing a Brazilian model Bruna Abdullah. However, the news remained as a mere rumor until recently when the report came out that the actor is trying his best to train the model to launch in a Bollywood movie. Everything was right at that point, but reports also read that Salman Khan had asked her to stay at his farmhouse at Panvel for the most part of the week.

Now, Salman Khan is shooting for Wanted – Dead and Alive in Turbhe and after the pack, according to reports, he drives to his farmhouse and spends some quality time with Bruna Abdullah. Reports also have it that Salman Khan arranged tutors for this model to teach her acting, diction and dancing.

Well, it should not be fair to take something granted just after reading these reports. Actually, taking reference to his past love relationships with many models and actresses, it has been a trend among the reporters to find something juicy whenever it comes to Salman Khan. May be he is just trying to help Bruna to gain some ground in the industry and the others are taking it different. However, report also has it that Salman’s love relationship with Katrina Kaif is not going well. Actually, Salman Khan is a person who always hits the headlines, mostly because of wrong reasons.

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Anonymous said...

all bakwaz plz leave salman alone....... if he is tryin he will do it .......... and if he's nt dn 4get i 4 god sake plz ....plz plz plz