Saturday, April 12, 2008

Revenues of Indian Railways from Films Got Doubled Last Year

Shooting in a railway station has or in the train has become a current trend recently. Following the success of Jab We Met and Life In a Metro, now the Bollywood filmmakers might be more interested to shot in railway station in their movies in the future. Actually, featuring a real station or train in a movie is less costly than making a set. Revenue of Indian Railways from films has been doubled within a year, as Indian railways earned Rs 82 lakh in 2007, compared to Rs 33 lakh in 2006.

Ndtvmovies reported:

Increasingly a significant part of films across a range of products the industry delivers annually, the trend of using trains and shooting in stations is catching up and the central railway board is certainly not complaining.
That's because their revenue from films has more than doubled in a year from Rs 33 lakh in 2006 to Rs 82 lakh this year………
Filmmakers say its cheaper to rent Railway properties than to build a set. But the process is not that simple.

It is definitely a positive side for Indian railways as films could be a potential source of revenue. However, reports have it that getting permission for shooting in railway station or using the properties of Indian Railways is still very hectic and it needs to go though a long process which is very time consuming as well. So, Indian Railways can make the process easier so that filmmakers get inspired to come to Indian Railways seeking permission for shooting of their movies.