Monday, April 21, 2008

Jannat: Official website review

In the background, there is the picture of a cricket field and pavilion filled with spectators. Money is falling from the sky and Emraan Hashmi spreading his hands moving side by side. Looking at the homepage you will understand that Jannat is a movie about betting and match-fixing. The title song ‘Zara Sa’ has been used as the background sound. On the lower left corner of the homepage, you will see an offer from Jannat Le Chalo contest. The winners will watch the IPL finals and meet Emraan Hashmi.


Stills: There are 19 movie stills. All you have to do is click and the slide show will start.

The making: Here you will see 15 pictures from the shooting of Jannat. The pictures are arranged like pages in the book. Clicking on the left corner of the picture will turn over the pages.

Synopsis: Tells you about the story of the movie.

Trailer: This section has not been updated yet.

In the news: It contains a link to 107 the bee.

Download: This section contains two movie posters of Jannat.

Corporate: Contains the link to the official website of Vishesh films.

The major problem of the website is that some of the pages load slowly on my computer. I think it is related to the internet speed. The background sound has some problem. After few minutes the homepage is loaded, the background song starts.


Anonymous said...

Just to updte your in depth review--
Trailers are online and that too in a cool scoreboard panel feel