Saturday, April 12, 2008

Indian Sports Minister MS Gill Urged Bollywood Stars to Sponsor Sportsperson

Indian Sports minister MS Gill has recently called on Bollywood stars to sponsor sportsperson of different sports in India. He thinks that this will help Indian sportsperson to perform better at International level. The Minister also added that except Cricket, there is no money in any other sports in India. He particularly urged Shah Rukh Khan to sponsor some potential sportsperson or a team in any Indian sports as he did in his movie Chak De India. He said that other than cricketers, sportsperson in any other sports have financial constant and need resources to perform better in their respective sports.

Hindustan Times reported:

“He can begin with sponsoring four women athletes of the Indian relay team. Only Rs 5-10 lakh would be required. I think he can spare that much money for Indian sports.”

The minister said Shah Rukh bought a cricket team at the IPL — the Kolkata Knightriders for a staggering $75.09 million — and though it’s a commercial venture, the star can give something back to the country by sponsoring needy sportsperson.

Yes, that would be very good for Indian sports if the Bollywood stars come forward with their help. However, the Minister could also urge other professionals to sponsor in different sports in India. Businessmen can easily spend a few lakhs for the sportspersons.

It is true that cricketers have money compared to the sportspersons of other sports, but it does not mean that all the cricketers have that facility. There are many Ranji trophy players who are struggling to earn their bread. Besides Bollywood stars, I think there are some star cricketers in India who have the ability to sponsor other sports.

Above all, government should also focus on all of the sports other than cricket. Sportsperson can bring success and honor for the country; be it Olympic medal or ICC World Cup trophy or World Cup Hockey trophy.