Monday, April 14, 2008

Most of the Bollywood Cine Viewers are from the Age Group of 10-24

You might have seen that action and comedy are doing better in Bollywood box office over the last couple of years. Well, neither does that mean that no comedy or action film did fare well earlier, nor that means that films from other genres could not do well in the last couple of years in the box office. Actually, comedy or action films are attracting more and more viewers compared to the films of other genres. Then what is the reason behind it? Is it that the taste of Bollywood cine viewers has been changed?

Well, according to a recent survey conducted by some of the leading production houses including Yashraj Films, UTV, Big Entertainment and Indian Film Company, the reason behind the overly success of action and comedy films is that 35% of the cinema goers are aged between 10-24 years old. So, no surprise, the people of this age group would definitely love to see action and comedy flicks. Some also think that this age group was instrumental in the growth of Bollywood over the last 10 years. Cinema fans of this age group go to the cinemas knowing the big stars. Some commented that because of the immature fan, the films like Race got becomes huge box office hit.

Indiatimes reported:

"Cinema is another consumer product for this age group and the primary attraction for them are stars and entertainment value. It’s evident from the emerging box-office patterns that the films high on entertainment quotient are getting better initials. But this does not mean that the young are cinematically immature. If this segment flocked to see Welcome, it also did that to make Taare Zameen Par a hit."
That Abbas-Mustan’s Race was ripped off from the 1998 Hollywood film, Good-Bye Lover, was something every film critic in Bollywood noticed. But did the audience care? It appears not. Not only did this thriller — high on action and low on morals — capture the imagination of the Bollywood cine-goer, it even grossed something to the tune of Rs 100 crore.

Well, it has happened many times in the past that a movie did not do well in the box office but had critics’ favor, or some movies did extremely well in terms of grossing, but failed to attract the critics. Now, it seems that most of the Bollywood movie goers are now from this immature age group and comedy and action films are of their top priorities. This is surely a positive side because these movie goers would turn into mature viewers one day.