Sunday, April 13, 2008

Jannat: Music review

Title: Jannat

Music: Pritam

Lyrics: Sayeed Quadri & Neelesh Mishra

Singers: K.K., Richa Sharma, Kamran Ahmed, Rana Mazumder, and Rupam Islam

Audio: Sony BMG

The music of Jannat is composed by Pritam, one of the top music directors of Bollywood. Although he is accused of copying music from others, when it comes to composing music that will dominate the top of the chart, he is the man. Jannat is produced by the Bhatts. Some of Pritam’s best works are with the Bhatt productions and this time there is no exception. The talented music direction of Pritam coupled with KK’s talented singing have brought some songs that will remain with you for a long time.

Zara Sa

Singer: KK

Lyrics: Sayeed Quadri

This is a beautiful romantic song. You will hear it, you will love it, and you will hear it over and over again and you will never get bored. The music will intoxicate you and make you feel like you have fallen in love with someone for the first time. This is not the first time Krishna Kumar (KK) has showcased his singing talent with Pritam. Earlier, he sang in ‘Gangster’ and his song became one of the best songs of 2006. Krishna Kumar is a great singer and once again he proved it.

Lambi Judai

Singer: Kamran Ahmed

For quite some time, Bhatts are using Pakistani singers in their movie. Atif got his big break with Zeher. This time it is Kamran Ahmed. An all rounder, Kamran wrote the song, composed the music and sang it as well and how did he do? He is well in all the department.

Haa Tu Hain

Singer: KK

The music will remind of songs of yester years Bollywood. Pritam used traditional instruments like guitar, tabla. Overall, the song sounds like a sad romantic Kawwali.

Door Na Ja

Singer: Rana Majumdar

Lyrics: Sayeed Quadri

This is a rock song like ‘Alvida’ Not so impressive but not so bad to hear either. In the beginning, the acoustic guitar prelude would make you feel like that this is a slow and sad song. Suddenly comes the electric guitar riff followed by drums. Rana Majumdar did a good job.

Jannat Jahan

Singer: Rupam Islam

Lyrics: Neelesh Mishra

It is a high energy rock song that describes the theme of the movie; love for money and gambling.

Lambi Judai

Singer: Richa Sharma

Richar Sharma is good at song with lots of classical tunes. She mainly sings in Punjabi. This version is tailored according to her style. Richa Sharma’s version contains lots of Punjabi words.

Zara Sa (power ballad)

Singer: KK

This is the slow and sad version. The interesting thing is the music. It is done in slow rock style just like ‘Haan tu Hain.’ That is why I think it is called the power version. The two versions are like two entirely different songs but the music is good. If you like the regular version, then you will also like it.

Lambi Judai (kilogram mix)

I have heard of club mix, lounge mix, but kilogram mix?! never. Well, this is more like club mix. The music is fast paced with lots of techno bits but good to hear.


rajiv said...

All the songs are exceptional.Zara sa is one of my favourite song.