Friday, April 25, 2008

Jannat: Emraan proposes the Bhatts disposes

Emraan Hashmi wants his picture to be shown on the poster but Mahesh Bhatt and Kunal opposed his idea. Emraan thinks that now he has the capability to pull the crowd but Mahesh Bhatt and Kunal thinks otherwise. They want the story of the movie to be highlighted on the poster. One India reports:

Emraan says, "Yes, Bhattsaab and I did have an argument over the posters but such things happen in every organisation. I had an idea of what I wanted for the first poster and Bhattsaab wanted a particular feel of the film, so we had entirely different ideas. Finally all of us came around and we are all happy with the final product."

Kunal admits, "Jannat is my first film. I am giving it my all, but I got caught in the crossfire between the Bhatts and their blue-eyed boy Emraan. Emraan wants only himself on the posters as he looks at himself as a solo hero, but I want the story to come across in the posters. Jannat is not a sports film but deals with cricket-betting and match-fixing in the backdrop of a love story. These kind of creative arguments will always happen.

Two posters were designed by Atmanand for Jannat. In one poster, Emraan Hashmi, the hero, is sitting against the stadium and the other was Emraan standing wearing a black leather coat and money is raining from the sky. Emraan liked the first one but the Bhatt brothers and Kunal went for the other one because the strength of the movie of the Bhatt films is not the characters but the story. Finally, both the posters are used for promoting the film.

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