Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jannat shows glamorized betting office

In Jannat, the betting has been glamorized. Betting is illegal in the sub-continent, and the whole betting process is controlled by the underworld. So it is natural to guess that this whole thing is conducted in a secret place. Naturally, the office from which this whole thing is controlled would not have big lights or display boards or held in an open space. In Jannat, the betting office where the bookies sit and contact are glamorized but this is done for the sake of the movie. Glamsham reports:

So how do these 'addas' come across on the big screen? Are they in the same mould as the shady underworld centers where a few TV screens have the match on while dozens of phones keep ringing in unison?

Reveals Emraan, "Well yes, the 'addas' play an integral part in the film's narrative and it is quite obvious that quite a few TVs are on display with the match on. Also, landlines as well as mobile phones are constantly engaged with number of bookies continuously engaged in placing bets. It is a mad world out there."

The films directed or produced by Bhatts always have strong story and authentic characters. In order to infuse reality in Jannat the producer and director worked very hard. Jannat deals with betting and match fixing. It was very important to show the characters as much real as possible. Even Emraan Hashmi had to do a lot of homework to prepare for his character. This is director Kunal Deshmukh’s first film. According to him, this film is something very new, one that is made for the first time in India and for this reason, he and Emraan worked very hard to make every thing look 100% convincing.

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