Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jannat: Does Emraan love cricket?

In Jannat, Emraan Hashmi played a cricket bookie but does he love cricket? Well, the answer is no. In real life, Emraan Hashmi does not like cricket. Hindustan Times reports:

Though real life cricketers play in the field in "Jannat", they do not represent any individual cricketer. Does Emraan get on the field at all?

"Actually, I don't like cricket at all. I don't play it and hardly ever watch it. Fortunately, I play a bookie. So, I don't have to play in Jannat," he mumbled sheepishly like a brat, who has not done his homework.

In Jannat, Emraan plays the central character, Arjun, who is addicted to gambling. In the beginning, he used to make money playing card games but then he becomes a bookie and starts to work as a match-fixer under a mafia boss. Sonal Chauhan, the female lead of the movie is a debutant actress. Emraan is very happy to work with her. According to Emraan, she is the 14th girl to be launched with him. Rishi Kapoor in his heydays launched many actresses and now Emraan on the same path. So next time, you see any girl kissing Emraan, it is not just kissing but also LAUNCHING!!

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