Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Salman Khan to Launch his Own Brand of Cloths to Help a Charity ‘Being Human’

We all know about actor Salman Khan, painter Salman Khan. However, very soon you are going to see Salman Khan as a fashion designer as well. The super hero of Bollywood is going to launch his own brand of cloths. Besides the professional designers, Salman Khan would also design the dresses for his brand. Though there will be a number of skilled designers, Salman Khan will take the final decision on each of the designs before sending the designs into production. All the profits from selling the cloths will go for a charity named “Being Human.” Salman Khan fans would get T-shirts, Jeans with his paintings embossed on them.

Mt News reported:

As per sources clothes designed by him will have his signature paintings inscribed on them. The actor is planning to launch not just clothes but accessories too.

Salman Khan is roping in the creative designers but he will decide finally on the same. One thing is sure that his brand will have lot of hype and it will be wait for his brand.

But his major contribution will be that his paintings will be embossed on the T-shirts, jeans and other accessories that his fashion brand intends to launch.

Harmony among the communities is the most common theme of Salman Khan’s paintings. So, it is expected that the actor would be happy to see his paintings embossed on the T-shirts and Jeans of young generation. Obviously, it is a praiseworthy initiative taken by Salman Khan. The cloths of Salman Khan Brand would definitely attract his fans and thus the charity would get some necessary financial helps.


Vibha Babbar said...

Thats a great news. Can you please tell when is the merchandise coming to market, and from where can we buy it?