Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Kiranjit Ahuwalia: Provoked to Make The Movie Provoked?

The harsh reality is well-imitated in the upcoming English movie Provoked, based on a battered Punjabi housewife, Kiranjit Ahuwalia, who after putting up with the abuses of her husband for 10 years, betrayed in the end and killed her rude husband, Deepak Ahuwalia while sleeping at night. It is expected that the movie is going to make a boom in England as well as in India, as Aishwarya Rai, the leading actress of Bollywood, played the protagonist role of Kiranjit in the movie. In The News reported:

Once imprisoned, Kiranjit's case comes to the attention of a group called the Southall Black Sisters, who appeal against her minimum twelve-year sentence. As luck would have it, she ends up sharing a cell with Veronica Scott, sister-in-law to none other than Lord Edward Foster. He takes her case before the high court in 1992, eventually bringing about not only Kiranjit's freedom, but also redefining what it is to be provoked in the eyes of the law.

Bride and Prejudice star Aishwarya Rai who plays Ahluwalia is making serious waves in Hollywood. However, on this showing it is hard to see why. Her performance here is an uneasy alliance of shocked, pained and please-pity-me-looks, laced with an irritating sanctimony.

Lost star Andrews would have done well to have remained so for this one note performance. To signify the onset of Deepak's nastiness, Andrews stiffens the face and narrows the eyes. Evil abounds - woeful.

This true story of Kiranjit later on got a huge media attention while her cell mate Veronica Scott as well as the Southall Black Sisters, South Asia based social workers led a movement against the sentence of life imprisonment given by the court to Kiranjit. Then it was needed to change the British law to make her free from Jail. So, you can understand that how significant the story was that time. Now, with the movie Provoked, the whole world is experiencing the frightening incident of Kiranjit Ahuwalia.