Friday, April 13, 2007

American Idol: Haley Scarnato Miss Legs

Do you know the beauty contests in which they have different kind of awards? I guess that there is one for a beautiful woman who has long and sexy legs. Unfortunately, in American Idol, they do not have this category of giving award to someone for long and sexy legs. Poor Haley Scarnato. She really has long and sexy legs but it did not help her in American Idol. Instead, her legs caused her out of the American Idol.

No problem, Haley Scarnato has been called as Miss Legs by someone. May be more people will call her by this name: Miss Legs.

The New Straits Times wrote:

When you pit a bald guy and a young lady whose legs seem to go on forever, the situation becomes a bit dicey. Suddenly, it doesn’t seem to be a singing contest anymore. No wonder, Simon passed that socially incorrect remark about Haley.

He said: “You have a very good tactic. Wear the least amount as possible.” I thought it was one of the rudest comments ever to come out of Simon’s mouth. I know his career thrives on being painfully honest and tactless but that was one of those times when I couldn’t help but cringed.

There was simply no earthly excuse to hurt a contestant’s feelings that way. At this stage of the competition, it was unnecessary and downright insensitive. Simon should apologise to Haley without reservations.

Off-hand, don’t you think Haley look just dandy in those hot pants? My sister punched me in the shoulder when I unconsciously blurted out: “Can’t sing for a glass of hot barley but she’s good for another week!” I just lost my bet and now have to take her to that restaurant that sells claypot loh she fun.

So, Miss Legs should be happy now.