Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Jhanvi Kapoor in the Media

It is still a great mystery why Jhanvi Kapoor tried to spoil the wedding ceremony of Aishwarya and Abhishek. Some people think that it is a publicity stunt and if it really was her goal then she has achieved a tremendous amount of success. The Internet is full of reports about her.

British newspaper Telegraph wrote:

Jhanvi Kapoor was apparently distraught that Bollywood scion Abhishek Bachchan - who was last night due to marry the former Miss World Aishwarya Rai at a private ceremony in Mumbai - had refused to marry her.

In scenes that would have graced any Bollywood melodrama, Miss Kapoor claimed on Indian television that she had had "physical relations" with Bachchan and that he'd reneged on a promise to marry her.

Indian police however dismissed Miss Kapoor's attempts to register a formal case against Bachchan, describing her as a drunk and a depressive who had no evidence to support her claims.

Rediff wrote:

I always told her to bury it since she was a Muslim and her marriage with a Hindu could result in social embarrassment for us," Shaheena said from her uptown residence in Srinagar.

Naina's mother and son live in Srinagar's posh Raj Bagh locality.

Even IHT wrote about the incident:

However, the festivities were marred when a young woman slit her wrists outside the Bachchan home in Mumbai early Friday.

Identifying herself as Jhanvi Kapoor, she said Bachchan had promised to marry her after they met when she was one of the dancers in a promotional music video for a movie "Dus" ("Ten"), in which Bachchan starred two years ago.

"He is not talking to me," she told reporters. "I want to know why he doesn't talk to me."

She was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, then arrested by police for attempting to commit suicide — a crime in India.

"This is a stunt," said police officer A. Mohite. "She seemed to have done this purely to catch the attention of the media."

She was later released on bail of 10,000 rupees (US$238, €198).

Rediff wrote in another report:

But even as she claims that Abhishek had married her last year, some residents of Lucknow contend that the girl's name is actually Naina Razvi.

"She is my former daughter-in-law," says Kalbe Sadiq, senior vice president, All India Muslim Personal Law Board, and a top Shia cleric and maulana. "I saw her picture and immediately recalled Naina. She was married to my son, Momin Rizvi, in 1997."

Maulana Sadiq added that initially, his family was opposed to his son's marriage but they relunctantly accepted it later. The marriage did not last beyond 2001.

There is much more about Jhanvi Kapoor in Internet. I just gave you a fraction of what has been written about her until now. Let us see what happens next.