Tuesday, April 24, 2007

American Idol: 3 things Simon Cowell from African Children

Simon Cowell is the most famous judge in American Idol. He is very straight forward and this season, his favorite work was to say bad things about Sanjaya Malakar. Now, Sanjaya is out of American Idol. So, Simon Cowell will have a tough time for the rest of the season.

American Idol producers sent Simon Cowell to give some gifts to African children so that these children can study. This is purely a publicity stunt for Simon Cowell. Simon Cowell is a very rich man and he is not famous for his charity works like some of the celebrities in the world. So, what can he learn from children? Here are 3 things:

1. He can learn politeness. He lacks it too much.

2. Simon Cowell can learn humility from African children.

3. Simon Cowell can learn self satisfaction from the African children. These children are not millionaire like him but they are happy.

You can read more at Reality TV Magazine.